About Lesia Romanov

Born and raised in Nevada, Lesia Romanov has spent her career in education.  As an assembly woman, she will focus on promoting education reform, gun safety, and protecting water rights.  Lesia Romanov strongly believes that it is time for the people to stand up and be heard in the State of Nevada.  She will tirelessly work to represent the wants and the needs of the voters in Nevada.   
Lesia Romanov attended school in the Clark County School District and received her Elementary Education degree from UNLV.  While at UNLV, she was a mother of a small child and still managed to attend school, serve as the Education Senator at UNLV and take care of her family.  Lesia Romanov has been an educator in Clark County for over 19 years.  Currently working as an assistant principal, she works with children, parents, and her community to ensure that all children receive a quality education, that parent concerns are heard and the community is involved. 
Lesia Romanov continued her education and has two Master degrees: Leadership/Supervision and Computer Integration. 
Lesia Romanov supports our Second Amendments rights and vows to help implement legislation that currently is on the books that ensures responsible gun ownership. As an educator, she believes that teachers should have the right to be safe in their classrooms and teach students without the added responsibility of school security. This should be a standard provided by the educational systems with highly trained individuals with a knowledge of security protocol.